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Our Camel Cup Team..I should have gotten the gold shirt...

Lions Club Camel Cup 2000

On July 15th, 2000, on a sunny day in Alice Springs Australia, there was the Lions Club Annual Camel Cup race. This year, there was a new team. A team of Australian and Americans.  Overall, they did very well. The highlight were riders Chris, Rick, and Craig who all won twice.  There were some tumbles and some mishaps but the charity races went well overall.  Three of the American races were hurt, luckily not seriously. A shoulder injury, a groin and back, and a bruised hip.

At the end of the day, the Camel Polo game was won by the Australians with an ending score, well, who knows.  In the end, American, Angela, tried to out maneuvered Australian Tobi, but ended up face down in the dirt.  At the Awards, the highlight was seeing U.S. and Australian Champion, Michelle Gargan, up getting another win to her impressive race record.

I think with the impressive training of Outback Safaris, the joint Australian/American team will be back next year to show the regulars some new tricks.

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Rick leading the camel off... Let's kick some butt, or just stay on... Tobi and Elise, waiting Running empty before the race.
Getting them to the line was even hard. Michelle, world champion, and one of our trainers. Brad, worked a night job and then came to race. Chey, after getting tossed around by Rosie.
Taking a load off... Pat, our unspoken team captain!!!! Patti, Steve, and Mark... A bit of friendly polo after the races.
Getting ready to race. Gotta get them started...and they are off... Our Camel Cup Team..I should have gotten the gold shirt... waiting.jpg

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