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Alice Springs Reptile Centre

What a blast!!! We found the reptile center at the bottom of Billy Goat Hill in the center of Alice Springs. I could not believe the number of reptiles that were there. They had all the snakes and lizards I could handle. Very inexpensive, this was a good place to take the kids. I believe the cost was $20 for a whole familyl. If I have had to pick, the huge Perentie Goannas, the Thorny Devils lizard, and the Python that my lovely wife has around her neck in the photos below were my favorite.

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mvc765f.jpg mvc766f.jpg mvc767f.jpg mvc769f.jpg
mvc770f.jpg mvc771f.jpg mvc772f.jpg mvc773f.jpg
mvc775f.jpg mvc776f.jpg mvc782f.jpg mvc788f.jpg
mvc791f.jpg mvc793f.jpg mvc795f.jpg mvc796f.jpg

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