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Rock Wallabies * The Gap Hotel

Welcome to another page of the Lamson's Adventures.  Tonight, we went over the Gap Hotel located on North Stuart. I had the great pleasure of feeding the Rock Wallabies. We have lived here 2 and a half years and I have never done this. I recommend it to everyone that comes here. The Wallabies come down every night at sunset to be fed by tourist.  As a recent visitor to our site pointed out to me though, do not feed them your own nuts, bread, or food scraps. The Gap Resort will provide you with animal feed that will not upset the diet or health of the little Wallabies and great red Roos. They do not seem to be worried about the people. The little hands reach right up and open the visitors bags looking for goodies. Only standing about 2 feet (.75 meter) tall, they are seem harmless. The claws and the hissing at each other remind you though that they are wild and should be respected.

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