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Sunsets over Alice Springs Australia

This season has had some sunsets that took your breath away. I love the sunrises and sets here anyway, but wow!!!!! I only put up three sets and they were not complete. I mostly wanted to show folks how nice it gets and how many times the color changes. These obviously are all of the same directions. All west towards Mt. Gillon. But on one night it is orange, the next purple, sometimes, just blue. All fabulous.

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mvc347f.jpg mvc348f.jpg mvc351f.jpg mvc537f.jpg
mvc538f.jpg mvc540f.jpg mvc541f.jpg mvc543f.jpg
mvc552f.jpg mvc553f.jpg mvc560f.jpg mvc561f.jpg
mvc564f.jpg mvc565f.jpg mvc348f.jpg mvc537f.jpg
mvc538f.jpg mvc540f.jpg mvc541f.jpg
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